Thursday evening

The qualification are over:


The race grids are now defined:

Based on the qualifications, we now have the rankings for the efficiency:

For the speed racing in the lightweight category, HeiaFR (Switzerland), EPFL (Switzerland), FESB Hydro (Croatia), Heig-VD (Switzerland), AATS Rijeka (Croatia), Seatech (France), ENSTA Bretagne (France), and UCL Racing (England) are qualified for the quarter-finals.

In the heavyweight category we had both the round of 16 and the quarter-finals. In the round of 16 both UCL Racing (England) and Seatech (France) had technical issues. They are both DNS, which means that EPFL (Switzerland) had no competitor for its quarter-finals and had only a lap to complete to qualify for the semi-finals. The other teams to qualify are NTNU (Norway), FESB Hydro (Croatia) and AATS Rijeka (Croatia).

Most of the teams managed to do qualification times yesterday. 3 teams still have to qualify this morning: UCL Racing (England) with their heavyweight boat, YTU Stars of Hydro with their lightweight boat (Turkey), and HydroSharks (France) with their lightweight boat.

After completing the qualifications it will be the round of 16. As there is 8 spots in the quarter of finals and 10 competitors (9 in the heavyweight category as the Turkish couldn’t get their boat through the customs), there will be only two races in the lightweight category, and one in the heavyweight category.

For the afternoon, as weather forecast for Friday is strong North-easterly wind which will probably impede racing in Yverdon, we will proceed with the quarter-finals for the heavyweight category instead of the agility race.