Thursday evening

The qualification are over:


The race grids are now defined:

Based on the qualifications, we now have the rankings for the efficiency:

For the speed racing in the lightweight category, HeiaFR (Switzerland), EPFL (Switzerland), FESB Hydro (Croatia), Heig-VD (Switzerland), AATS Rijeka (Croatia), Seatech (France), ENSTA Bretagne (France), and UCL Racing (England) are qualified for the quarter-finals.

In the heavyweight category we had both the round of 16 and the quarter-finals. In the round of 16 both UCL Racing (England) and Seatech (France) had technical issues. They are both DNS, which means that EPFL (Switzerland) had no competitor for its quarter-finals and had only a lap to complete to qualify for the semi-finals. The other teams to qualify are NTNU (Norway), FESB Hydro (Croatia) and AATS Rijeka (Croatia).