With a race-course back to normal, today will see intense racing! The lightweight boats will battle in the quarter-finals to gain their ticket for the semi-finals that will be held in the afternoon. There are really serious competitors and the suspense is palpable with a wide range of concepts: archimedian and semi-planning monohulls (FESB Hydro and AATS Rijeka), planning monohull (UCL Racing), catamarans (ENSTA Bretagne and Seatech), and foilers (Heig-VD, HeiaFR, and EPFL).

The afternoon will also see the other semi-finals in the heavyweight category. EPFL with their Surface Effect Ship (hybrid between a catamaran and a hoovercraft) will race against AATS Rijeka and their monohull, and NTNU with their trimaran will compete against another monohull with FESB Hydro. Again the diversity makes the race all the more compelling.