Sunday evening

What an exciting day! We had some very nice racing: HeiaFR recovered from yesterday accident and won the 3rd place in the lightweight speed category with panache. The final match between EPFL and Yverdon was really tight and 5 runs were necessary for the EPFL to win 3-2.

In the heavyweight category AATS wins the trophy with a slightly superior speed.

The long distance was also intense with boats fighting to the end to do as much laps as possible. The finish was really tight: Yverdon and EPFL manage both to round 18 laps, but Yverdon crossed the line first and therefore takes the first place.

The special prizes – which are given based on votes by the teams – reward HeiaFR for their excellent designs (Innovation light and heavy, and Design), and Seatech for their Eco-Conception and their very nice Pitch.