Foundation Hydros

The Hydros Foundation is an accredited non-profit, public-interest organisation.

Its aim is to encourage technological innovation to meet the energy and environmental challenges facing
the nautical and maritime industry and to raise the awareness of these issues
among professionals, students, opinion leaders and the general public.

To promote innovation, the Hydros Foundation offers an educational ecosystem within which innovative ideas and key players are brought together to foster the creation of initiatives, and supports the development of solutions that will optimise the energy efficiency of boats – from maritime transport through to yachting and competitive sailing.

City of Yverdon-les-Bains

The Municipality of the City of Yverdon-les-Bains, and its Energy Advisory Commission are delighted to host and financially support theHYDROCONTEST-XeventinSeptember2019.Bythiscontribution, the City underlines its desire to support projects that promote awarenessofenergyconsumptionandenergyefficiencyintransport.

Watt and Sea

Safety, comfort and respect of the environment

Watt&Sea’s aim is to conceive, manufacture and market energy systems for marine use, to help reduce the impact on our planet and to bring more freedom, comfort and safety to the yachtsmen: this is the daily motivation for the team of Watt&Sea.

The innovations of our hydro generators are the result of intensive work and research.
To provide its advantages to a large number of yachtsmen in the world is a strong mission and a challenge for the company and its team.

Chubb Sicli

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