Saturday evening

This morning in the quarter finals of the lightweight category, HeiaFR, Heig-VD, EPFL and FESB qualified for the semi-finals.

The heavy raced in the afternoon with very disputed races: AATS lost its first round against EPFL, but then managed to win the two next ones. In a similar fashion, NTNU managed to win the first lap against FESB, but the Croatians were faster in the two next encounters. The long Archimedean boats seem to dominate in the heavy category.

The semi-finals with the lightweight boats saw some serious drama when Heia-FR capsized with their very fast foiler against Yverdon. The Heig-VD team was exemplary in their fair-play as they conceded 20 minutes to Fribourg to repair their prototype, which they did with exemplary efficiency and team spirit. Unfortunately for them their boat was not as efficient anymore and Yverdon won its ticket to the final.

The second semi-final was EPFL with their bifoiler against FESB with their semi-planning long monohull: the result is clear with 2-0 and a fully foiling final.