The Event

Rules of the competition

The principle is simple: to go as fast as possible, for as long as possible, consuming as little energy as possible.

Equipped with the same electric motor, teams have one year in which to use their imagination and come up with innovative solutions for the design of the best possible prototypes. The only limits: compulsory maximum dimensions (2.5m x 2.5m x 2m) and the energy supplied by a battery (7Ah).

Teams race against one another in a real-life situation, in 2 categories which have been developed to match industrial applications (but on a reduced scale). These categories are mass transport (container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers) with a ballast of 200kg, and lightweight transport (pleasure craft) with a load of 20kg.

The HydroContest-X Competition itself

Once the boats have been approved by the committee of experts, racing gets underway from 2nd to 8th September. The qualifying phases, in the form of races against the clock, will determine the distribution of teams in a confrontation and direct elimination tournament for the final phases.

In parallel to the mass and lightweight transport races, the teams will take part in an Agility competition (timed slalom on a winding course) and will line up all together on the start line of the Long Distance Race (endurance race where the objective is to cover the longest possible distance using a limited amount of energy).

The trophies

Several distinctions will be awarded to the competitors of the HYDROCONTEST-X 2019 :

  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X” Grand Prix will be awarded to each team whose boat wins in the Mass and Lightweight Transport categories.
  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X Agility” Grand Prix will be awarded to the team whose boat is the winner of the slalom race on a winding course.
  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X Long Distance Race” Grand Prix will be awarded to the team whose boat will be the winner of the endurance race.
  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X Efficiency” trophy  will be awarded to the teams with the best compromise between speed and energy consumption.
  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X Innovation” trophy will be awarded to the team having implemented the best technological improvements and the most visionary innovations.
  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X Pitch” trophy will be awarded to the team having prepared and gave the most relevant and inspiring presentation during the HYDROCONTEST-X 2019.
  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X Design” trophy will be awarded to the team whose boat will present the most original and coherent design in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, construction quality and finish.
  • The “HYDROCONTEST-X Eco-Conception” trophy will be awarded to the team who has made best use of recyclable material and implemented clean and less energy-intensive processes.