A unique event

Almost five years ago, the Hydros Foundation launched a new call to students of engineering and architecture schools around the world, inviting them to take part in an international level environmentally-friendly competition, whose objective is to create the boats of tomorrow.

After five successful editions (three in Lausanne and two in St-Tropez), the Hydros Foundation has nevertheless decided to take a break in the continuation of this project to take stock and work out how they can create a more significant to give priority to :

   the search for solutions and innovations to the maritime transport sector ;

   the collaboration between universities across the world ;

   the implementation of the best ideas and innovations in the form of business ventures ;

   the implementation of an academic course in line with a vision of a clean, less energy-intensive world.

However, stimulated by three Swiss schools (HEIA-FR, HEIG-VD and EPFL), the event will take place in 2019, under the name HYDROCONTEST-X, with the support of the Hydros Foundation and of the Municipality of Yverdon-les-Bains. This year’s event will be held on the shores of Lake of Neuchâtel, in Yverdon-les-Bains, from 2nd to 8th September, with the participation of a dozen teams representing 6 countries on the European continent.

A major challenge

As 90% of goods traded across the world are carried by sea, maritime transport is a major economic and environmental challenge. The volume of goods has quadrupled since the 1970s as the carriage of goods by sea is the least expensive means of transporting large quantities over long distances and linking continents.

Based on the distance covered, a ship produces 58 times less CO2 per tonne carried than an aircraft. Given the scale of exploitation, carriage by sea ranks as the 5th biggest source of atmospheric pollution in the world – but it can be made more efficient. Each single percent of fuel saved by the world fleet represents an annual decrease of 42 million tonnes of CO2 released into the environment. The potential is considerable!

Contributions of the HydroContest

The HYDROCONTEST is one of the pillars of the Hydros Foundation: a platform for exchange unique in the world where innovation in nautical and maritime energy efficiency can be promoted by tomorrow’s engineers and architects. A springboard for new paths to be explored and exploited in improving the current state of play.